Saturday, September 29, 2012


Cyma Roasted Crabs 800php (Cyma Original -Roasted mangrove crabs with tons of garlic, black pepper and evoo, served with garlic pasta and a spritz of lemon)

That lemon in water is use when you got too much oil in your hands =p

Chix Tenders 260php (nothing special on the taste from "Tender Bob's c/o CYMA), they offer us the meal for my kiddo

 Cymas's Ultimate Iced Tea 115php:bottomless (Original Recipe - freshly brewed everyday) and we loved it! 

 Satisfied! — at Cyma Greek Taverna.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Clawdaddy's BBQ sampler 1,295php (kansas city ribs, bbq chicken, texas links, tuna ribs)
That sausage thing is the texas links pretty hot not good for kids my son yell at it!, tuna almost dried out and left with a bit of juice, ribs ofcourse is awesome, chicken is not good

 Geez I almost forgot to take a pic I did asked to serve it immediately XD

garlic rice 65php/ea
we order for two and nothing special about the taste

 we have 2 bottomless iced tea 110php/ea and 1 mirinda in can 75php <<<< geez that's becoz pepsi is out of stock!
We have 153php for service charge and we will try some more soon.