Friday, July 13, 2012

Fish and Co.

the crew they are always there to assist you

the look from our position near window

 my son's Capt Hook (235), this is cream dory fried (soft) good for him

 his tropical fizz (130php), they said it's raspberry with mango and orange, my son loves that mint leaves lol
 my seafood platter (485php), 3 prawns easy to eat, 1 cream dory fried and not soft, squids the only one i love in my platter lol and paella was good and i thought it's Spanish rice haha

hot green tea with lemon (twinings) for 90php and since I love tea I know how this costs in the grocery lol, i think i paid for the gas and the water :)

let's eat after the pics haha

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