Monday, July 30, 2012


Golden Calamari 195php (crispy breaded calamari and tentacles, kaffir, salt and siracha dayap aioli
This one is very crunchy !
Four Seasons Shake 123php
Thai Iced Tea 106php
my son and I love this drink
Javanese Sampler 345php (Indonesian cuisine: Gado Gado; Authentic Indonesian Satay; Soup Buntut Pedas; Nasi Goreng)

I love the rice, very yummy, the soup with half cooked potato is not good, Chicken and Beef Satay is delicious, I don't like the Gado Gado (string beans, potato salad,beansprout, boiled egg etc) I like the taste but not how it was cooked

 love the chairs! 
Thanks guys for the yummy meal I wasn't able to take the photo of my son's cassava cake (98php). It is good and have lots of cheese

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